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       William Yip was the realty agent responsible for allowing to obtain my new home in Daly City and simultaneously sell my old house in San Francisco. Mr. Yip worked extremely hard and managed to achieve a satisfactory sale price for my former home and obtained a reasonable purchase price for the new one. Mr. Yip was always available to answer questions and was patient with us when we didn't understand the subtleties of realty documents. He always took time to make sure we understood what we are being told. He also was the agent responsible for communication between the various players and made sure that all parties met the agreed to conditions of our selling and buying contracts. His efforts got us valuable concessions from both the buyer of my former residence and the seller of my new home. I am grateful to William Yip for all of his service to me. We have since become friends.

          Written by my hand, this 30th day of March, 2014. ---  Jorge Jose Noguera

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